Frequently asked questions

How are the plants watered?

The shelves are troughs that hold enough water for the potted plant to absorb from the bottom for a complete watering. You must use pots with holes near the edges of the bottom instead of pots with only a hole in the middle of the bottom. Fill the shelves from the top or from the front. The top shelf overflows into the bottom shelf and the bottom shelf overflows into a removable tray. Typically one watering a week works well.

Can I use the PlantFrame outdoors?

Not really.
It will be fine outdoors in an area protected from rain. I expect to have an outdoor version at some point in the future. Please sign up at Contact > Sign up for product updates if you are interested in an outdoor version.

Does it need sunlight?

Choose plants that will do well with the light where you put the PlantFrame. Many houseplants do well in low light environments. You can easily rotate plants that like more light than your PlantFrames location. Perhaps keeping some plants on a sunny windowsill for a week and then in the PlantFrame for a week. More light provides more plant options.

Do you have other sizes

This is the only size right now 19" x 19". I do expect to make a larger size soon and eventually custom sizes. If you are interested in a different size please sign up at Contact > Sign up for product updates.

How many plants does it hold?

It can hold 4 plants with 4.5 inch bottoms. It can hold up to 6 plants in 3" pots.